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Imagine you have an employee who keeps others from living thing productive and calls in ill more than anyone else. This person repeatedly causes cross-contamination and ignores your requests to tally their behavior.

What would you realize in the manner of this employee? You would blaze them, of course.

If this employee sounds subsequently your clean room roll up door way in (slow, prone to breakdowns and maddening to additional team members), its time to cut ties. once your concern depends on providing the highest quality products, you cant have sub-standard equipment. Period.

Whether you dependence a cleanroom admittance for a medical, pharmaceutical, semiconductor, or laboratory application, our buyers checklist can back you choose a quality, surviving gate that will total the productivity and cleanliness of your facility.

Cleanroom Roll going on Doors – What You craving to Know

One a scale of 1-10 (with 10 bodily the best), how efficient is your existing cleanroom door? in imitation of thinking just about your response, here are a few things to consider:

  • Do staff members wait more than two seconds for the read to open?
  • Does it maintain a tight seal and minimize expose leakage?
  • Is it self-repairing?

If you answered no to any of the questions above, or rated your gain access to humiliate than a 7, a further high-speed roll in the works admission will quickly pay for itself in improved productivity. Youll plus reduce ventilate intrusion, cross-contamination, and downtime.

Cleanroom contact Checklist for Buyers

While no awning supplier are exactly alike, they all portion some basic requirements. Here is a checklist of must-haves later selecting a high-speed roll taking place door:

  • Avoid doors in imitation of exposed fasteners and coils, smart edges or angles (they say you will longer to tidy and make a home for contaminants).
  • Choose a entrance made from non-porous materials (to prevent microbial or fungal growth) that can withstand repeated washdowns taking into account chemical solvents.
  • Look for a gain access to made later corrosion-resistant stainless steel side frames and hoods.
  • Confirm the contact conforms to Current good Manufacturing Practices (cGMP) and is made from FDA/USDA-approved material.
  • Ask about safety features such as impact-avoidance sensors and alternating foundation methods in the issue of a capacity failure.
  • Choose a right of entry subsequent to a lubrication-free design (lubricants create an handsome house for contaminants).
  • Ensure the contact meets your pascal pressure rating requirements.

Learn more, or request a forgive demo. We have the funds for liven up demos via Zoom and in-person at our Livermore location.

Why Albany Is the Leading Cleanroom right to use Manufacturer

There are many cleanroom admission manufacturers out there, but after extensive research, we recommend Albany’s RR300 Clean. Albany meant their cleanroom admittance {} in the same way as input from {} pharmaceutical engineers to exceed the criteria listed above. The RR300 is made from FDA and USDA-approved material, is GMP Class C certified, and it’s the forlorn ISO Class 5-rated high-speed read (US Federal okay 209E Class 100). {} Download the RR300 tidy product brochure PDF for additional specs.

Theres different important defense we sell Albany doors. Ever heard the saying, purchase twice, cry twice? We sell Albany doors because they stand in back their products. Albany’s durable, dependable, high-performance doors are backed by a 5-year warranty and are known to last 10+ years. If you sob after buying an Albany door, we harmony they will be tears of joy.

Here are the summit three reasons our customers in the niche area and Central Valley California adore their Albany cleanroom doors:

#1 Built-In Safety Features Prevent Lost-Time Accidents:

When the read is closing, photocells see for objects in the door’s origin path. If something is detected, the door shortly opens to prevent accidents

Four-hour battery standby unconventional in charge of a skill outage

#2 Theyre Durable and easy to Use:

  • The contact automatically repairs itself, just shove a button
  • Touch-less, hygienic activation – clearly wave your hand in belly of a sensor to admission the door
  • Choose opening/closing speeds going on to 80 per second (opening) and occurring to 40 per second (closing)
  • User-friendly pre-programmed options and multilingual display (English, French and Spanish)
  • Stainless steel side frames and fully-enclosed roll lid simplify cleaning and eliminate particle accumulation
  • Non-porous, puncture-resistant FDA and USDA-approved PVC admittance panel holds happening skillfully to repeated chemical washdowns

#3 Greater direct over Particle raptness and ventilate Changes

  • Minimal pressure loss once the door is closed
  • The RR 300 clean is rated to 50 Pa and the composite log on is rated to 40 Pa.
  • Tapered surfaces and no exposed coils, fasteners, photo eyes, wind ribs, etc. point toward theres no place for contaminants to hide
  • Transparent vinyl panel (optional) provides visibility with rooms, improving safety and communication
  • Manufacturer note: log on specifications and obscure data subject to regulate without notice.

High-Speed Cleanroom Doors for Sale in the niche place and Central California

A high-speed roll taking place read allows you to combine efficiency and product air standards at the thesame time. Learn more, or demand a clear demo. We allow flesh and blood demos via Zoom and in-person at our Livermore location.



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