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Gujarathas beenan importantplace to do business and innovate.It has created a number ofpolicies that encourage startups to help fuelthedreams of entrepreneurs who are aspiring. Vadodara is an importanteducational and industrialcenterin Gujarat is also catchingupto this emergingtrend of startups.The city has a lot of potentialforindependent professionalsas well as entrepreneurs acrossmany different areas.

You can go theCoworking Way

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Whether you work asfreelancer or work withone person in your team the process of finding an affordableoffice spacecan be quite a hassle.This can be even moreessential for companies that are starting out duetosevere budget constraints.It is fortunate thatVadodarais home tosome of the most sophisticatedcoworkingspaces with world-classfacilities. From hot desksanddedicated cabins, tomeeting rooms and conference hallsCoworking spaces can providean array of amenities.

Ifyou’re searching forcoworking spacesin Vadodara, check outthe following list:


Are youin search ofan affordable and centrally located sharedoffice spacein Vadodara?  Coworking space in Vadodara VisitiSpaceHubonVasna Road and check out theirmodern coworking space. Withmore than a hundredworkstations as well as a couple ofmeeting rooms,iSpaceHub hasdiverse plans with flexible options to meetyourneeds.The plug-and play workstations give youthenecessary infrastructure to startyourbusiness venture.

Thefully-furnished workspace is equippedwiththe most modern facilitieslikeAC, power backup parking, air conditioning, etc. Otheramenities likean elevator, a pantry and wheelchairpersonal lockers and lockers. are alsoreadily available.It is also greatthatthis property can beeasilyreached viapublictransport.It’s also one ofthe coworking spaces that stayopen all hours of thetime of the day.

It’s important to rememberthat iSpaceHub ismore than justa premium coworking spacein Vadodara.It’s also a communityof innovative and dynamicprofessionals that offers you achance to network withlike-minded individuals.There are also opportunities to take partinvarious activities, such asworkshops, mentorship programs and workshops,TEDxevents, etc.

Services: Plug-and-play workstations,ergonomic furniture, WiFi,Air conditioning, Powerbackup,Wheelchair accessibility,Kitchen, Printer&scanner,projector, personalsecurity lockersNetworking & mentoring events

Cost: Starting at INR200/hour

2. Master Space

In the bustling areaof Alkapuri, thisis a coworkingspace featuringan excitingwork environment.You can select from variousoptions such as flexi desks orindividual desks, private cabins, etc.Meeting rooms and conference hallsare alsoofferedinMaster Space.It also provides youwithtop-of-the-line facilities and a sophisticatedinfrastructure.

Master Space also provides you with theperfect settingtohelp you getyourcreative juicesflowing.Replete with ergonomic chairs andbean bags. Itprovidesthe ideal mixofan office space that is corporate withan energetic atmosphere.It also offers youthe chance to interactandnetwork with dynamicprofessionals from differentareas.With rentsthat start atINR50 per hour, Master Space is ideal forentrepreneurs, freelancers, early stage startups and small-scale enterprises.

Facilities:WiFi, Air conditioning and video recording equipmentPrinter & photocopier, Projector Rooms for meetings, Personalstorage, Bean bags Parking is free, complimentarydrinks

Cost: Starting at INR50 per hour


This coworking space located inVadodara isideal for entrepreneurswithsmaller teams as well asfreelanceprofessionals. Located amidst peaceful surroundings, WRKPLACE is thoughtfully-designed to nurture your creativity and fuel your entrepreneurial dreams. virtual office Space in Vadodara   Themost appealing aspect is thatmembersare able to access 24/7this office space shared byVadodara.

You can pick from a variety ofoptions for memberships, includingmonthly, weekly, hourly and annualplans.You can also getthe most customized quote according tothe needs of your. WRKPLACEprovidesshared desks,workstations with dedicated workspaces as well as private offices andmeeting rooms.When you needto take a break fromlong hours,simply headto thelounge with a terrace. Theon-site pantry servesdelicious foodand coffee.

Services:WiFi, Air conditioning and kitchen, as well as Terrace lounge, Meeting rooms, Personallockers,printer and scanner Parking, access 24 hours a day Events and workshops for networking

Cost: Starting at INR100 per hour

4. DevX_Vadodara

In the middleof the cityonDr. Vikram Sarabhai Marg DevX_Vadodara is a cutting-edgecoworking space. Neptune Edge, the buildingwhich houses DevX_Vadodarais theonly high-rise inthelocality.The property isan attractive attraction andan important landmark.Therefore, if you’relooking for a coworking spaceinVadodarato impress your clients,thisspace isthe perfect placefor you.

Alongside all modern conveniences the pet-friendly coworking spaceoffers a luxurious recreational areathat has a library anda foosball table. DevX_Vadodaraalso provides shared accommodationfacilities and an onsiterestaurantwitha vegan menu.While the cost of rentingison the higher side but the high-end amenities are worththecost.The hotel is also knownas a remarkably tight-knitcommunity , which regularly holdsgatherings, workshopsas well as other activities.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning ergonomicfurniture Printer, Projector,Conference rooms and meeting rooms.Cafe and restaurant on site Library, Board games and lounge, outdoor terrace shared accommodation, parking, Events & workshops and access 24 hours a day, pets are welcome.

Price: Starting at INR 500 per day

5. The iPlex

Ifyou’re looking for a coworkingspace in Vadodarawhich ismodernized with the latest technologies you should not overlook Corprate Office in Vadodara The iPlex. Chromecast, recording studio, photo studio, VR equipment – you name it. The iPlexis a complete set of equipmentunder one roof , allowingyou with thebesttechnology for your startup.It even has anauditorium, where you can hostseminars as well as other business-related events.

Situated inAlkapuri in the Alkapuri region, thisoffice space issituated inmany of the most sought-after5-starhotels, shopping complexes,andbusinesses. ThismakesThe iPlex one of the most sought-after, premiumcoworkinglocationsin Vadodara.The property also hasan art gallery as well as arelaxation room that canallow you to relax in between hecticconference calls, meetings, andphone calls.This shared office space inVadodarais ideal forcreative freelancers such as photographers,musicians, designers, etc.

Facility:WiFi, Air conditioning, VR equipment, Greenscreen, Photo studio, Recordingstudio,on-site restaurant &cafe, accessible for wheelchairs Gallery, Meditationarea, Lounge, Freeparking, Acceleratorprogram,Incubator events, community events Access to the internet 24 hours a day

Price: Starting at INR 10000 per month

Vadodaraprovides a varietyofcontemporary coworking spacesforfreelancers and entrepreneurs. While someprovideyou with the latest technology and equipment, others providea work environment that pulsateswith energy.Whatever your budget andnumber of employees, you’llfind a shared office spacein Vadodarathat will meet your needs.

Have youused anycoworkingspacein Vadodara?Tell us about your experience in thecomments section below.

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