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TheExpertasia Bully Campwe offerbothgroup and individual dog training chiang mai courses.

During our dog trainingclasses, we focus onsociability and obedience.

Dog education

Education is a crucial toolfor learning essentialknowledge andabilities.

Do youknow?

Just as each and everyperson on the planetis unique in their fingerprints, everydogalso has a distinctnose.

Every child requiresto betaught in order toacquire essential knowledge and skills. Dogsmust alsobetaughttomake a positive integration withits social group on theone hand,and withinyourfamily and societyin the second.

Dogs are taughtto observe it, tobe aware of it, to loveit,and to comprehendit.

Toeducate a dog,you must show mutual respect.

The dogs have their own language.Learntocommunicate with dogs throughourknowledgeable and skilledpet experts.

Our dog training courses

Whether for a puppyas well as an old dog,every learning process must be completedin a progressive manner.

Individual dog training classes

In the first class,we willreview your currentpartnershiptogether with the dog.During this period an educationstrategy will be created.Subsequently, the dog willbeintegrated intoour group classes(maximumfor fivedogsinthe field).

Group lessons

Dogs are socialized byengaging with other dogs andbecoming aware of their vocal cues as well asbody language.The socialization process for puppieswill start in theirlitter.Then they will begin to interactwith other dogs, as well asfamilies and human beings. Theperiod of socialization ofa dog takes 2-3months.Weteachthe art of social interaction and positive interactionwithother dogs and humans.

Various games and canine exercisescan be utilized to strengthenthebond betweencanines and the owners.In this way thedevelop sociability andobedience.

Sociability & Games

It will begin withavarietyof gamesforyour dogduring the firstindividual lessons.We will then develop theseeven more with small groupings. Wewill pay specialattention to yourpetduring these sessions. Weoperate in aatmosphere where dogs feelrelaxed, safeandappreciated. Ourmain focus:



Obedience is the base ofthe relationship between you andyourdog. It istaught and learnedby establishing a pleasantandpositiverelationship with your dog. We rewardwithfood, toys and attractivegames.The main goal is his happinessand a strong bondwith him.

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