How Social Media Is Changing Our Lives

It is hard to imagine what the future will look like for social media. Although it has been around since the late 18th century, technology has never been able to create anything with such an impact before. The constant changes that have occurred in our lives since its inception have created widespread confusion regarding how these networks have influenced our culture and society as a whole.

Power of social media

The power of social media cannot be denied, which is why the present magnitude of its influence on our daily lives is so staggering. Take Instagram, for example: in just one year this platform has amassed over 700 million active monthly users. This statistic reveals that through social media, we are all connected to one another in ways never before possible.

Now that the internet is a necessity, there are many debates over what to do with it. The social media platform is still in its teenage years at best and as with most teenagers, they aren’t well informed on how their choices affect themselves or others. 

We are far enough along in the game to know that we don’t like how things are turning out, but are unsure of how to change our course. In this article, it is my goal to provide insight on how things changed and how we can move forward in a positive direction.

Before the widespread use of social media, there were several large social movements that were happening. The most influential of these was the feminist movement. In the 1970s, feminists began to see a distinct imbalance in the gender ratio and sought to correct it. 

They wanted equality between men and women in every aspect of life. Men took over on construction sites while women were left cooking and cleaning at home. The feminist needed a way to make themselves heard and what better way than through social media.

Social media helps to bridge gaps between people

Because of social media, it is much easier to keep in touch with people all around the world. You don’t have to just know someone from your school or your hometown; you can even have friendships with people who live on other continents as long as you both have an internet connection. And although this may seem like a drawback, it can also be beneficial in many ways.

Although social media has given us a way to connect with one another that is unprecedented, it also comes with its own set of pros and cons. The fact that we have the option to interact with so many different kinds of people, for example, might be a blessing in disguise; but on the other hand, it can also allow us to get lost in a world where our real-life relationships don’t matter as much anymore.


The internet and social media were created by people who thought exactly like the feminists, who were trying to make their voices heard. They realized that if all people could have an opinion on important issues related to the feminist movement, they would have a big impact on both men and women alike.

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