J&T Express Guide to Shipping and Tracking Packages

Thelogistics market in thePhilippines isexpected to growthroughout and beyond the pandemic because of the huge increaseintransactions made via e-commerce duringthe lockdown.J&T Express, a newplayer inlogistics,is lookingtoenter the fieldandbe competitive withJRS Express and LBC Express.

Although it wasfirst launched in2018 in the Philippines,J&T Express hasgainedlots of attention onsocial media and traditionalmedia.J&T Express is a well-knownname among sellers and buyerson the internet.If youoften buyatShopee, you likely havereceivedsome of your ordersvia this shipping company.

J&T Express can provide acourier service to shipitems to customers as well aslovedfamily members.Here’s an overview of j&t rates and delivery procedures,and other things you mustbe aware of about this logistics company.

What isJ&T Express?

J&T Express is an e-commerce express deliverycompany that operatesinthe Philippines, Malaysia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Indonesia (where it wasfoundedin2015).Servingmostly small and medium enterprises(SMEs)and online businesses, thisSoutheast Asian logistics provider gives online sellers theoption ofship packages using eitherJ&T Express boxes or their own packaging.

What is it?J&T Express Works

J&T Express is a logistics service provider. Itfunctions exactly asany other courier service available inthe Philippines.Its wide variety of features, which help ensuresecurity, reliability,andpunctual deliveries is what helps itdistinguish itselffrom other delivery companies.

J&T Express Delivery Services

  • National coveragethroughmore than 400 J&T Express branches, warehouses and offices
  • 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.the year
  • Four-Service Platforms forShipping and TrackingPackages: J&T Express website and mobileapp as well as socialmedia [22 anda 24 hour customer servicehotline (02)8911-1888
  • 24/7monitoring of CCTV forprotection of your packages
  • System for tracking usingGPS tomonitordelivery trucks
  • System for tracking in real-time
  • VIP Platform (self-service dashboard thatallowsonline sellers tomanagetransactionsandacceleratethe J&T Express delivery process)
  • The ClaimsSystem providesreimbursement forpackages thathave gone missingor damaged

J&T Express Shipping Process

There are twoways to shipwithJ&T Express.You candropoff your packagesat a branchordeliver themto yourhome.

HowtoSendvia J&T Express Branch

  1. Completethe drop offform onthe J&T Express Philippines website [3or [3]ordownload the mobile app.
  2. Click the Orderbutton.
  3. Find the nearestJ&T Express branch.
  4. Show the barcode that was generated duringthe drop off reservation.
  5. Hand the packages over to theemployees.
  6. The customerwill be chargedfor shipping

Howto BookJ&T Express Pickup Service

To schedule the pickupof yourpackage You can make a reservation onthe J&T Express website, mobileapplication, 24 hours a day customer servicehotline, or call thenumbers of branches in your area[4].The J&T Express pickup service isfree of charge.

J&T Express Rates 2021

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcharges based on the distance tothedestination and weightof theparcel.The J&T Express Philippines website hasa calculator that will allowyou toestimatetheshipping cost ofyour delivery.The calculation is based onthe distance betweendestination andoriginof the package andtheweight.

For packages weighing6kg or less,you mayuse the tables below.

j&t shipping rates  Metro Manila

J&T Express Philippines charges shippingcosts based upon distance fromthedestination and weightof thepackage.You can calculatethecost of shipping foryourspecific delivery by usingthe calculatoronJ&T Express website. [5]

Priceof J&T Express Boxes

You canbuyJ&T boxesseparatelyfrom any branch ifprefer toship parcels usingJ&T boxes. jnt rates  will be chargedaccording tothesize and weightof the box.

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