School Management App

Rocky Patel and five friends are a startup team from Mumbai, who created Puncille – a school management app.

Here are the best school management app for students and their parents and teachers.

Having a smartphone is a great way for school pupils to keep in touch with friends and look for homework help online. But children are stepping up their use of smartphones, and digital devices in general, at a rapid rate, with digital devices now taking up 11 hours a week of a child’s time – or 10% of the school week, with their existing routines.

School management app with analytics, facebook integration, and live chat. It helps educators manage their school and its curriculum with an easy to use interface. The team of educators behind this app is composed of PhDs and teachers, and they’re not spending any money on marketing.

WeAtSchool is the first educational app in the country that offers personalized and holistic learning experiences for all students and their families.

K24 is an educational management app which takes the traditional way of working with school management and transforms it by putting the power of learning into the hands of the staff. Administrators, teachers and support staff can schedule on the go notifications, view student performance, and assign a course grade remotely without the use of smartphones or tablets.

As children enter primary school, they are faced with a change in routine and a new way of learning. To help get the best out of learning new skills, children need to be able to manage their time and learn at their own pace.

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