Sell your home for less in New Braunfels with our low real estate commission!

Have you been trying to sell your home in New Braunfels and have not had any luck? Do you feel like you’ve had to put in too much work and received too little return on your investment? Well, we’re the solution! We have low real estate commission New Braunfels and minimal advertising fees, which mean more of the proceeds from your home, will go directly into your pocket.

How our low real estate commission works

If you’re looking to sell your Canyon Lake property, then you’ll want to know that we offer a low real estate commission. This means that if you work with us, and we sell your property, you won’t have to pay an agent’s fee at closing or on the sale of any other properties. So what are you waiting for? Call us today! Our low real estate commission will help save you money when selling your Canyon Lake property. Give us a call today so we can show you how easy it is to save on commissions when selling your home by working with us instead of going through another company. You won’t regret giving us the opportunity to help you sell your Canyon Lake property as our low real estate commission will really save you money!

How much you can save with our low commission

Finding out how much you can save is a pretty easy calculation. Just plug in the numbers, and you’re good to go. Let’s say your listing price is $300,000 and the typical commission rate is 6%. That would be $18,000. Now let’s say you list with us at 4%. That would be $12,000. You just saved yourself an extra $6,000 on a sale of your home – that’s a lot of money! The commission fees are so low because we don’t have any high-overhead costs associated with being a big company like the bigger real estate firms do. We handle things differently, so we can offer lower rates while still making money and keep up our great reputation as one of the best local agencies in the area. If you want to know more about what sets us apart from other companies, feel free to contact me for more information or ask questions below!

What types of homes sell best in New Braunfels?

New Braunfels is a beautiful city, but it’s also a popular place to live. What’s more, you can find homes that meet virtually any need or desire. You might be surprised at the high demand for these homes and low inventory on the market. That’s why having an experienced agent on your side is so important—you’ll have a better chance of finding what you’re looking for and negotiating a lower price.

If you have questions about the low real estate commission Canyon Lake TX offers, contact us at (830) 569-5289 today.

Why now is a great time to sell your home in New Braunfels

In the past few years, Canyon Lake has exploded as a popular destination. With more and more people moving to the area, it is no surprise that property values are on the rise. Now is a great time to sell your home in New Braunfels before you miss out on a potential increase in its value. The low real estate commission we offer can be an extra incentive for you to list with us because it will save you money on the overall cost of selling your property.

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